Elevating the Practice of Law

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Have you noticed or felt that there are shifts going on all around us?  Many people are facing personal challenges, and others are creating their dreams.  Time feels elastic where one moment it feels like it is accelerating, and the next moment it seems to move in … slow … motion.

This is a time of Chaos.

People seem stressed, are not sleeping, and traffic is erratic. The global situation is crazy.  It reminds me of moving house, where everything is out and messy and we are choosing what to take with us and what to shed and let go. The ‘challenge’ here is that only our hearts know the way, and we don’t know what the new house is going to look like. We can’t see it and we can’t get there from our usual modus operandi.  Such is the current world situation.

This creates opportunities, even for lawyers.

Lawyers think and operate primarily to solve problems, whether past or future.  We have adept “thinking” minds.  Yet from what I have experienced and witnessed, many lawyers are out of touch with their clients and out of sync with what is required of them. Clients are often unhappy and bad lawyer “jokes” abound.

The business of law, competition and ego have taken over a profession that is meant to be client centric.  So what do we do?

Well, I propose being radical! Don’t you think it’s time?

Check out Eve’s Vision to Elevate the Practice of Law to a New Level.  Then leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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