As you can see by the photos on my homepage, I love whitewater canoeing. Actually, I adore being out in nature, whether canoeing, hiking, scuba diving, skiing, or some other activity. Over the years, I’ve found nature to be calming and centering.

Eve and canoeEve portaging with a canoe

 That is me under the canoe… but I prefer the first photo.

I was a competitive diver on both 1 and 3 meter springboards, and tower.




Canada Games '77Eve - handstand dive - Summer '77 email size

The first picture of me diving was taken at the Canada Games ’77.  

In the second I’m in the middle of a handstand dive from the 10 meter platform




In 1994 I spent 9 months traveling, primarily in Southeast Asia, and climbed 13 mountains including Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in the area.

My favourite colour is blue – big surprise. Though pink is a close second!

Do you know that I’m a coach?  In fact, coaching is one of my passions.  I volunteer as both a Coach and an Advisor with the Ontario Law Society and have been officially and unofficially coaching and mentoring lawyers and others since 2005 (at least that is the year of the oldest “thank-you” note saved).  I also present and speak to organizations, associations, firms and groups on topics that inspire.  If interested or merely curious please contact me or visit (and like) my Facebook page!