Eve Wahn’s Expertise

Looking for other advice for your business?  I can assist you with your corporate matters such as those listed below!

Corporate Law

  • incorporation of your business
  • organization of your corporation
  • shareholder matters including shareholder agreements
  • day-to-day issues
  • updating your Minute Books
  • corporate restructurings
  • financing – whether by debt or equity (issuing more shares)
  • directors’ liability issues

If you have not yet incorporated, I would be happy to advise you on your partnership arrangements.

Other Services

I also work with other lawyers and professionals and can refer you to them for the following:

  • tax law and related matters
  • patents, trademarks and protection of other intellectual property rights.

Finally, I keep abreast of current requirements to advise you on and prepare Powers of Attorney and your Last Will and Testament.  Or, if your circumstances are such that you require estate planning, I can refer you to other professionals for that advice.

Contact me for more information and to discuss your legal requirements.  I would be happy to assist.

Here’s to your ongoing success!