3 Ways to Use the COVID-19 Situation to Expand your Life

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NOTE: I am reproducing this content from my blog at Some of you may know me as a Transformational Life Coach and others know me as a Corporate Commercial Lawyer. I have been involved in personal development and evolutionary processes for over 26 years, and have studied and worked with my own mindset and clients long enough to know that we manifest or create our reality!

Hi everyone,

We are living in unprecedented times, and that requires an unprecedented response. It isn’t “business as usual”, and if we’re honest, we know the “as usual” will never be the same as pre-COVID-19.  This is a seminal moment.

Folks working in some sectors and industries are feeling stressed with too much work.  Others are feeling stressed by insufficient work and bills coming in. And there are unseen elements in all of it, generating more fear, worry and the like.

So, I (like others) would like to propose a paradigm shift on a collective basis for our thinking here – one that could radically change the outcome of our experience and catapult us into a much higher level of awareness.

Everyone has a thought system – a way we organize our thoughts. Its unique to each person and no-one can organize his/her life without one. Its our internal model for looking at or perceiving the world around us.

In other words, our thoughts generate what we perceive as ‘reality’.  Now if you are new to this, that’s ok. There is a tremendous amount of science out there to support this statement.  Proving that isn’t my objective here so if you are interested yet skeptical, I’ll let you do your own resourcing.  I just googled “thoughts create reality” and it came up with a vast array of articles, scientific and otherwise, on this subject including this one from November 2019:  There, they found that even (what are supposed to be objective) “facts” are subjective.  The subjectivity of “facts” is well known to many litigation lawyers: it’s the reason 2 witnesses to an accident have different views on the scene, though they technically saw the “same accident”.

Each thought we have is filtered through our thought system or perception, which has been developed or programmed based on our biology, environment (family, school, culture, media, religion and so on) and experience, amongst other things. For example, the word “COVID-19” is just a word on its own.  It gains meaning by the meaning we place on it, and the meaning we place on it is determined by our unconscious perceptions and experience.

In North America, most of us first became aware of this “novel corona virus, aka COVID-19” through our media of choice. We saw pictures of health care workers in Wuhan and other hospitals around the world, heard interviews of challenges, saw pictures of vacant street…. The meaning each person placed on this, while his/her own, was conditioned or programmed by the pictures and the stories we heard and saw. We don’t actually know all the facts however what is reported is that many people have been traumatized and many have died in the name of this virus.

Governments all around the world are responding, businesses are closing or sending people home to work, and everyone’s lives are topsy turvy. Some people aren’t taking the requests to stay home or isolate seriously and as a result new measures are being invoked in many jurisdictions to require that.

This is a collective moment – a fork in the road.  The way you and I each respond – mentally, emotionally and physically – will have an impact and ramifications going forward.

As a coach, I work a lot with mindset, and patterns and paradigms of thought. After all, our thoughts and perceptions directly impact what we believe we can or can’t do, and what we can or can’t have and be.  Some people, however, still believe working with mindset is some positive thought technique that isn’t evidence based. Many folks with higher education are in that boat – we go first to our heads rather than our experience as the primary source of information. Some of us have a “prove it” vibe, and will only look at what they deem is “evidenced based”, clearly laid out and precise arguments. For clarity, I’m not talking to those folks. 

This is for those who would sincerely love to impact the situation in a positive way, and do what you can to create a better, healthier and more enlightened world – regardless of the work you are doing.  Its for those who might be willing to experiment, and see what happens.

There sometimes comes a point where we have to be willing to give up the old ways of thinking and being and engage in something new. That time is now because what we focus on expands.

You know this to be true by your own experience. If you allow yourself to think thoughts that are predominantly of fear, worry and anxiety, you will generate chemicals in the body that correspond to fear, worry and anxiety. The chemicals will generate more feelings and similar thoughts until you’ve generated a thought pattern. I’m sure you can think of times this has occurred. Many of us are trained to solve people’s problems and be skeptical, and as a result, have a tendency to take system of thinking into our day-to-day lives. That mindset may be helpful for the roles in our institutions and to enact rules of society, however, it can have a negative impact on our relationship with ourselves and others near and dear to us.

On the other hand, when we think thoughts that are predominantly happy and loving, chemicals are released in the body that contribute to our being relaxed and happy. 

This works on a collective basis as well.  What we focus on collectively will expand so the way we engage with our mindset and thoughts around any situation has a direct impact on our collective experience, including the duration and severity. The more we come from and act in fear, the more fear vibe will be generated and the more challenging the situation will be.  Another way of saying this is, you get what you expect.  (And if you’re wondering, denial is also a form of fear, so those who say ‘don’t worry, be happy’ may be adding to fear rather than the opposite.)

Einstein said it like this: “We can’t solve the problem at the level [frequency] on which it was created.”  In other words, we have to get onto a new frequency or level of thinking.

So, what do we do? 

Well, the first thing is to take the precautions that have been recommended by health authorities so we are physically safe. While we may not be our bodies, we do have them, and they are our form or vehicle for living here so we want to take good care of them!

Secondly, limit the news and social media around subjects that engender more fear, anxiety and worry. This includes posts around what everyone is doing to “cope”, since that is often also from a vibe of fear. We can’t “unsee” pictures, and pictures can have a traumatizing effect, so it’s best to limit visual news to as great an extent as possible. Instead, listen once or twice daily to the radio for the news, and then turn to music or something that inspires you.

Finally, seek fun and tune into what brings you joy every day.  Some people meditate, others dance or engage in a hobby.  Its time for each of us to become aware of who we truly are – over and above the labels we have placed on ourselves.  That requires quiet – and this situation has offered us a unique opportunity where we can pause, turn inwards and listen.  It may feel daunting at first, yet its well worth the effort.

The more you can become aware of your thought patterns and shift them from worry, fear and anxiety, the better off you and we all will be. The more the vibe around is peaceful, the more it will support those on the front lines.

It’s an amazing time to remember who you truly are and why you are on the planet at this time!

Reach out if you’d like support in doing so.

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