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Eve Wahn, WahnLaw, Business Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer

Eve Wahn has been an Ontario lawyer since 1987.  Her early experience as a lawyer was with the Department of Justice (Canada).  Eve acted for department clients in an advisory capacity and later took cases before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Federal Court of Canada. Twelve of these cases were reported in a 2 year period.  She then worked at Oslers (Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt), one of Toronto, Canada’s leading law firms, where she gained experience in financings, asset securitization and restructuring of businesses.

Since opening her solo law firm in Toronto in 1997, Eve has represented numerous individuals and businesses, from early stage to fully integrated national and multinational organizations.  She specializes in providing cost effective and business savvy legal advice to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, software and consumer products sectors and industries.

Eve received her Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B.) (J.D.)  from the University of Saskatchewan in 1985 and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Queen’s University in 1980.  She was called to the Ontario Bar in April, 1987.

About WahnLaw

Eve Wahn offers a wealth of experience and legal expertise.  She has acted in different contexts, having worked in government, at a large international downtown Toronto law firm, and as an external “in-house” lawyer.  In addition, like many of her clients, Eve is an entrepreneur and understands risk.  She brings that approach to her clients, along with her in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in corporate law and commercial transactions.

Eve provides business oriented legal advice in a dedicated and cost effective manner.  She drafts agreements in a style that is clear and easy to follow, and seeks to provide strategies and the appropriate level of advice for the size of a transaction.

While most services continue to be provided on an hourly rate basis, depending on the services and the nature of the client, the arrangement may consist of hourly rates, flat fees, a success fee, equity in lieu of fees, or a combination of these.

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Now for my WHY…

As far back as I can remember several themes have been dominant in my life: I’ve sought the Truth, and wanted to be the best I could be and support others in being the same.

I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan into a family with a history of strong women. My mum had been the first public chartered accountant (CA) in the province, and was a CA when she married.  At that time, women were expected to give up their work once they had children, so by the time I was born, she had given up her practice. Dad didn’t bring home much income so when I was age 4, mum went back to school and became a teacher. She was the bread earner, the decision maker, and she ran a scheduled and rather “tight shop”. I don’t remember there being much love in the house and little if any nurturing.  Apparently I cried a lot as an infant and the doctor prescribed some drugs. They happened to be nerve suppressants. I went to a new pediatrician when I was 4, and about to start school.  He was surprised I could walk a straight line.  I have no memory prior to being taken off the drugs and only a vague memory for several years after that.  However, until I had done a lot of personal work, what I most remember is that I never felt safe expressing myself, and rarely if ever felt seen or heard.

Lisa Ann YountAt age 9 I became a competitive gymnast.  I loved gymnastics, especially soaring through the air!  My dream was to go to the Olympics!  However we moved to Kenya when I was 13, for several years, so therein ended that dream.  It was a very happy time, though, traveling, meeting new people, experiencing other cultures and making great friends.  On our return, there were challenges, including my parent’s separation and eventual divorce.  I threw my energy into gymnastics, school and playing the piano, later becoming a springboard and 10M tower diver. I took refuge in artistry and beauty; that was where I felt free to be “me”.

Other than these outlets, I followed the rules and the unspoken path set out for me.  I initially attended Queen’s University and apart from being on the diving team, my biggest accomplishment was writing a thesis.  Being able to express my thoughts concisely and eloquently was a big goal.  I returned to Saskatchewan, to work for a few years then then attended the University of Saskatchewan to study Law.  Initially the courses were a challenge since linear thinking was foreign to the way my mind naturally worked.

I moved to Toronto after law school, and worked as a lawyer for a few years with the Canadian government. A turning point for me came when I joined one of Canada’s most prestigious law firms.  I loved the challenging files and enjoyed the collegial atmosphere, though the hours were extensive.  Around the 3 year mark the long work days caused me to question whether the big firm environment was best for me.  The Universe promptly intervened.  Soon thereafter I was negotiating my exit and did so with 12 months’ salary though was required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

I spent 6 months travelling in Southeast Asia, climbing mountains and scuba diving.  I had the time and took the opportunity to unwind, wander and wonder.  In some respects I felt at home, and in other ways, completely lost.

Mike Gnuckx (Flikr)On my return, I was unsure as to whether I wanted to practice law so worked with a lawyer for 18 months before making the decision to open my own firm.  Being the master of my own destiny and the freedom to express and create have been other life themes and perhaps WHY I became a solo corporate lawyer.  I have a knack for explaining legal concepts and matters in a way people understand, love to help people achieve their dreams and businesses grow, and I understand the challenges, entrepreneurial mindset and the desire to take risks. Every day I seek to be responsive to clients, meet their needs and requirements and provide the quality that would have been expected had I stayed on Bay Street.

I use my life’s experiences, including the suppression, programming and challenges, the joy, the pain, the shame, the hurt, the dramas and traumas, to provide advice that is tailored to clients, their personalities and goals.

Helping you achieve your business goals and life’s dreams gets me up in the morning, and your appreciation keeps me motivated and inspired. Here’s to your success!